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Gardner-Denver Duplex Mud Pumps And Parts

Gardner Denver Duplex mud pumps and parts are they are widely used in the drilling industry.  Parts for the GD 4-1/2 X 5, GD 5 X 6, 5 X 6 Failing, GD 5 X 8 and GD 5-1/2 X 8 are available for purchase on NDS’s Online Store. We stock fluid end parts for the 5×6 mud pump, 5×6-1/4 FM45 mud pump, 5×8 mud pump, 5-1/2×8 mud pump, 5X10 mud pump, 4-1/2×5 mud pump, 7-1/2×8 mud pump, and 7-1/2X10 mud pump.  The Gardner Denver mud pump model numbers for the above pumps are as follows: 5X6-FGFXG, 5X8-FDFXX, 5-1/2X8-FDFXX, 5X10-FDFXD, 4-1/2X5-FFFXF, 7-1/2X8-FYFXX, 7-1/2X10-FYFXD.  We also handle Wheatley, Gaso, Worthington, Failing and Centerline parts and pumps. We also stock Mud Pump Pressure Gauges, Mud Pump Relief Valves, Foot Valve, Liner Puller, Valve Seat Puller, (The Previous Five (5) Items are Available for Purchase on NDS’s Online Store) and 4″ Inline Check Valve.  Our Gardner Denver mud pump parts are not only competitively priced, they are also made in the USA.  Oil Recommended by Gardner Denver.  Call any of our experienced representatives to get the help and knowledge you deserve.

Parts Lists for the Gardner Denver and Failing pumps can be found below:


Gardner Denver 4×5 and 4-1/2×5 Parts List

Gardner Denver FGFXG 5×6 Parts List

American 5X6 Parts List

GEFCO 5X6 FM45 mud pump specifications and parts list

Gardner Denver 5×8, 5-1/2×8 and 7-1/2×8 Parts List

Gardner Denver 5×10, 5-1/2×10 and 7-1/2×10 Parts List


Operating and service manuals, flow charts, dimensions, and specifications for many GEFCO and Gardner Denver mud pumps can be found below:


Gardner Denver mud pump pages 5-8

Gardner Denver Mud Pump operating and service manuals

5X6 FGFXG mud pump dimensions, flow chart, and specifications

5×6 FM45 and 4-1/2×5 L100C operating and service manual

4-1/2X5 FFFXF mud pump specifications, dimensions and flow rate

5X8 and 5-1/2X8 FDFXX mud pump performance, dimensions and specifications

7-1/2X8 FYFXX mud pump dimensions, flow chart and specifications

7-1/2X10 FYFXD mud pump performance, dimensions and specifications


Below is a service manual and parts list for a 5×6 GD AIR driven pump:


Service manual for Air Driven 5X6 GD pump

Parts list for Air Driven 5X6 GD pump


Below is a service manual and parts list for a Centerline Pump


Centerline Pump Service Manual

Centerline Pump Parts List

NDS Drilling Supply, Inc 5″ x 6″ FXG172 (FG-FXG) Fluid End Rebuild Kit


NDS Drilling Supply, Inc. 5″ x 6″ FXG172 (FG-FXG) Gear End Rebuild Kit