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Gardner-Denver Duplex Mud Pumps And Parts

Gardner Denver Duplex mud pumps and parts are widely used in the drilling industry.  We stock fluid end parts for the 5×6 mud pump, 5×6-1/4 FM45 mud pump, 5×8 mud pump, 5-1/2×8 mud pump, 5X10 mud pump, 4-1/2×5 mud pump, 7-1/2×8 mud pump, and 7-1/2X10 mud pump.  The Gardner Denver mud pump model numbers for the above pumps are as follows: 5X6-FGFXG, 5X8-FDFXX, 5-1/2X8-FDFXX, 5X10-FDFXD, 4-1/2X5-FFFXF, 7-1/2X8-FYFXX, 7-1/2X10-FYFXD.  We also handle Wheatley, Gaso, Worthington, Failing and Centerline parts and pumps. We also stock Mud Pump Pressure Gauges and Mud Pump Relief Valves.  Our Gardner Denver mud pump parts are not only competitively priced, they are also made in the USA.  Call any of our experienced representatives to get the help and knowledge you deserve.

Parts Lists for the Gardner Denver and Failing pumps can be found below:


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Gardner Denver FGFXG 5×6 Parts List

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Operating and service manuals, flow charts, dimensions, and specifications for many GEFCO and Gardner Denver mud pumps can be found below:


Gardner Denver mud pump pages 5-8

Gardner Denver Mud Pump operating and service manuals

5X6 FGFXG mud pump dimensions, flow chart, and specifications

5×6 FM45 and 4-1/2×5 L100C operating and service manual

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Below is a service manual and parts list for a 5×6 GD AIR driven pump:


Service manual for Air Driven 5X6 GD pump

Parts list for Air Driven 5X6 GD pump


Below is a service manual and parts list for a Centerline Pump


Service manual and parts list Centerline Pump

NDS Drilling Supply, Inc 5″ x 6″ FXG172 (FG-FXG) Fluid End Rebuild Kit

QTY Description Part Number
2 Liner 5″ PPFG45650
2 Liner Chrome PPFG45650C
4 Liner Packing PP25T27
6 Packing Liner Set Screw PP60BQ1
2 Head Gasket PP25G24
2 Piston API-1 PP219TBA045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit PPTBA76002
2 Piston Rod API-1 PP25FXG183
2 Piston Rod API-1 Chrome PP25FXG183C
2 Piston Rod Baffle PP1FXG840
2 Junk Ring PPFG317
2 Packing Stuffing Box PP60BH13


NDS Drilling Supply, Inc. 5″ x 6″ FXG172 (FG-FXG) Fluid End Valves, Seats and Springs

QTY Description Part Number
8 Valve Cover Gasket PP25G18
8 Brass Valve Spring PP78D22
8 Stainless Steel Spring PP78A171SS
8 Steel Spring PP78A171ST
8 Gravel Valve PP200FGG482A
8 Gravel Valve Insert – Rubber PP200FGG106
8 Gravel Valve Seat PP200FGG039
8 Standard Valve Insert-Rubber PP1FG928
8 Standard Valve Insert-Poly PP1FG452
8 Standard Valve Seat PP11FG39
8 Valve Seat PP200FDD039
8 Ball Valve PP200FDD481
8 Valve Cover PP201FGG147A


NDS Drilling Supply, Inc. 5″ x 6″ FXG172 (FG-FXG) Fluid End Optional Replacement Parts

QTY Description Part Number
2 Lantern Ring PP1FG445
2 Liner Clamp PP2FG217
6 Liner Set Screw PP76N14
6 Washer Liner Set Screw PP95F7
6 Liner Set Screw Nut PP50B7C
2 Piston Rod Nut PP50V2
2 Stuffing Box PP1FG1538
2 Gasket Stuffing Box PP25C658
2 Gland Stuffing Box – Lubricated PPFG21
2 Gland Stuffing Box PP200FXG008A
2 Packing Stuffing Box PP60BH13
16 Valve Cover Stud PP79L40C
10 Cylinder Head Screw PP655EG09Z
1 Head Cylinder 5″ x 6″ PP1FG41
1 Standard Seat Puller PP1AUX545
1 Gravel Seat Puller PP200FGG219A
1 Liner Puller PP1FG284


NDS Drilling Supply, Inc. 5″ x 6″ FXG172 (FG-FXG) Gear End Rebuild Kit

QTY Description Part Number
1 Jackshaft (Standard Type) PPFXG371
1 Jackshaft (Mayhew Type) PP19FXG371
1 Gear Drive Pinion PPFXG181
1 Jackshaft & Gear Key PP35C48
2 Shaft Sleeve PPFXG289
2 Jackshaft Seal-Oil, PP60G39
2 Jackshaft Bearing PP12W2
5 Hsg & Retaining Plate Gasket PP25C657
2 Jackshaft Seal-Oil PP60G40
2 Jackshaft Bearing Plate PPFXG370
1 Shaft-Eccentric PP1FXG367
1 Key PP35C70
1 Eccentric-Gear PP1FXG255
2 Sleeve-Shaft PP16AUX18
2 Oil Seal PP60G221
2 Eccentric Shaft Bearing PP12C30
1 Bearing Cover Plate Shim-Kit PP77G16
2 Eccentric Bushing PP3FXG421
2 Crosshead Bushing PPAXG229
2 Crosshead PPFXG175X
2 Crosshead Pin PPFXG189
2 Oil Stop Head Packing PP60BG24
2 Oil Stop Head Washer PPAG318
2 Oil Stop Head Assembly PP2FXG495
2 Oil Stop Head Gland PPAXG238
2 Oil Stop Head Gasket PP25C656
2 Bearing Housing PPFXG368
2 Bearing Cover Plate PPFXG366
2 Connecting Rod PP1FXG417
8 Oil Stophead Stud PP79A238
8 Oil Stophead Nut PP50B5
1 Hood Gasket PP2009457
2 Crosshead Nut PP50T67
1 Jackshaft Key PP35B166
4 Lube Fitting PP40E5