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NDS Drilling Supply
26041 Newton Circle
Elko New Market, MN 55020

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Water Swivels And Parts


We carry many different water swivels and parts for brands such as King,
Western Rubber, North Houston Machine, Gardner Denver, Portadrill, Failing (GEFCO), and the 2″ Little Giant swivel which is pictured above.

Some popular models of King swivels we stock parts for are: 1J, 2J, 5EL, 5PEL, 10XV, 15XV, 20XV, 25XV, 30XV, 20XVA, 25XVA2KM, 10KM, 15KM, 15KF, 30 KG, 40KG, 50KG, AND 4.5SI.  

Some popular models of Western Rubber swivels we stock parts for are: 1JW, 2JW, 3JW, 4JW chevron, 4JW chevron style for Versadrill, 4JW single ring and adjustable for Versadrill, 4JW single ring and adjustable for Versadrill with flanged lower connection, 5JW, 6JW, 10WX, 15WX, 15WXA, 20WX, 20WXA, 20WIR, 20WIRA, 30WX, 30WXA, 15WM, 15WMA, 6RG, 12RG, 20RG, 30RG, 4.5PE, and 4.5RG.

click here for a compatability chart for King swivel and Western Rubber swivel

click here for water swivel pages NDS catalog p.9-10

click here for Little Giant swivel parts list and thread configuration