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Pipe Elevators and Clamps


NDS handles many different kinds of pipe elevators and clamps. 


The orange PVC elevators come equipped with chains for light duty lifting of PVC casing.  


The always popular green J-Hook drop pipe lifters are in stock for 1″-2″ drop pipe and Available for Purchase on NDS’s Online Store.  The light duty slip-type pipe elevators offer an alternative to the J-Hook Lifters for 1″-2″ drop pipe. 


The HD Elevators for Steel Casing have heavy duty bails and a safety latch for extreme lifting.  In addition, we also sell flush joint steel casing elevators, Internal Casing Elevator, the Renfroe Clamp and the Welding Alignment Clamp.


The Kwik Klamp and Kwik Klamp 2 are the fastest clamps on the market for holding drop pipe and Available for purchase on NDS’s Online Store.  


click here for pvc elevators, HD and light duty steel pipe elevators pages 29-31

click here for kwik klamp and kwik klamp 2 pipe holders page 27