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Wheel Style Perforator

How a Wheel Style Perforator Works

Designed for use with Rotary Drills, the Perforator threads onto a standard Drill String. Either through knowledge of water depth, or watching the cuttings for tell-tale signs like water, gravel, or sand, the Perforator can be lowered to the exact depth of the aquifer.

Applying a small amount of air pressure (90 PSI, any CFM) the Perforator Cutting Wheel extends and bites into the Casing wall. As the Rig pushes the Perforator down the Casing pulls the Cutter out fully (after ~6” of travel) and the Perforator starts punching holes in the casing that are about 1” long, 0.25” wide, and spaced about 1.5” apart.

After quickly perforating a column, the Drill String is returned to the starting location, air is turned off to retract the Cutter, then the String is rotated to start the next column of perforations. Good practice is to put a column in about every 4-5 inches around the Casing diameter—about 4 or 5 columns for 6” Casing.

For Casing sized larger than the Perforator are available for Casing up to 24″. Custom Adapters can be provided for odd sizes, special jobs, and for sizes even bigger than 24”.  Smaller diameter pipe provides less friction for perforating with Slide Adapters. Roller Adapters reduce the force needed by about 25% so perforation can be done with smaller Rigs and Rollers work best for larger diameter pipes.

Casing Perforator

Save Time with Rapid Underground Perforation

Perforates the Inside Walls of Installed Steel & PVC Well Casing


  • Ideal for perforating wells for abandonment
  • Get more water out of old Wells

  • The easiest way to get perforations where the water is

  • Rapid perforation—105 holes in a 20 foot section made in 15 seconds

  • Pre-slotted Casing costs more, loses air/efficiency during drilling, and can clog while drilling

  • Saves time compared to torch/cutter perforation by hand

  • Perforate going up or down the Casing and control the angle of the perforation column

  • One tool can take adapters for many Casing sizes

  • Durable tooling, which lasts for years, more than pays for itself (many 25-40 yr old tools in the field)