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Petol Rig Wrench

The PETOL RIG WRENCH provides a faster and safer method of making up or breaking out drill pipe on water well and blast hole drilling rigs. The wrench is self-adjusting and has perfect ratcheting action. Specially designed hand grips enable the operator to apply and remove the wrench with ease. The added expense of hook jaw and insert breakage is greatly reduced through the PETOL Rig Wrench’s non-jamming feature and rugged design. Because PETOL Inserts are seated in dovetail slots, they will not shear from the wrench during use.

PETOL Rig Wrench

PRWA01 3-1/2″ – 5″ 2.25″ Approx. 18″ ** 53 lbs. 16,000 ft.-lbs.
PRWA01-D 3-1/2″ – 5″ 2.25″ Approx. 22″ *** 55 lbs. 16,000 ft.-lbs.

T-4 or T-7 Inserts MUST BE USED to work 3-1/2″ O.D. — Diamond Point or Teeth Inserts can be used to work ALL OTHER O.D.s

**Torque arm length will vary from 17.38″ to 19.38″ depending on O.D. being worked.
***Torque arm length will vary from 21.25″ to 22.63″ depending on O.D. being worked.

Key Number Item Description No. Required
1 Handle 1
2 Lower Jaw 1
3 Upper Jaw 1
4, 5 Upper Jaw Bolt & Nut 1
6, 7 Lower Jaw Bolt and Nut 1
8 Lower Jaw Bushing 1
9 Upper Jaw Bushing 1
10 Lower Jaw Insert 1
11 Upper Jaw Insert 1
12 Spring 1
13 Insert Key 2
14 Insert Key Spring 2