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PDC Bits

Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) Bits are designed for typically consolidated, sedimentary rock formations such as sandstone, limestone, dolomite and shale. These Bits are Available on NDS’s Online Store.  This bit has the capability to drill thousands of feet and lower your bit cost per foot! PDC bits have no bearings which help reduce bit failure!

The diamond cutters shear through rock formations, whereas tricone bits grind and break up rock formations. Be careful when using PDC bits in unconsolidated formations which may contain gravel, boulders or fractured areas of rock. These formations can easily wreck the brittle diamond cutters!

NDS stocks a complete line of PDC Bits with three to eight blades depending on the hardness of your formation.  Listed Below are several common sizes we stock or can ship out in one to two days!  3-7/8 PDC, 4-1/4 PDC, 4-1/2 PDC, 4-3/4 PDC, 5 PDC, 5-1/8 PDC, 5-5/8 PDC, 5-7/8 PDC, 6 PDC, 6-1/8 PDC, 6-1/4 PDC, 6-1/2 PDC, 6-3/4 PDC, 7-1/2 PDC, 7-7/8 PDC, 8-3/4 PDC, 9-7/8 PDC, 10-5/8 PDC, 11 PDC and 12-1/4 PDC.