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Murphy Fast Plug

The Murphy Fast Plug is a great tool for quickly retrieving and adding drillrod to your string.

The pictures above show a 2 7/8 IF Murphy Fast Plug and a 2 3/8 IF Murphy Fast Plug.  There are two bale options to choose from.  A hinged bale or a non-hinged bale.  Notice the larger 2 7/8 IF Fast Plug on the left hand side of each picture has a hinged bale.  The smaller 2 3/8 IF Murphy Fast Plug on the right hand side of each picture has a non-hinged bale.  Murphy Fast Plugs are available in the following threads: 2 3/8 IF, 2 3/8 Mayhew Regular, 2 3/8 FEDP, NWJ, 2 7/8 IF, 2 7/8 FEDP, 2 7/8 Mayhew Full Hole and 3 1/2 IF.  All API Regular threads are NOT available in the Murphy Fast Plug.

Below are Murphy Fast Plug videos