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Mud valves

NDS Stocks three common mud valves:

  1. Nordstrom Fig 142, which is common on Table Rigs;
  2. Balon Ball Valve, which is common on Schramm Rigs;
  3. Homestead valve, which is common on Versadrills; and 
  4. Skinner Plug Valve, which is common on Table Rigs.

Plug Valve Maintenance

The only maintenance required on lubricated plug valves is periodic relubrication (sealing) with valve sealant.  Use only the plug valve sealant approved for service.

The frequency of re-lubrication must be established for each specific service.  As a general guideline, the valve should be re-lubricated as follows:

*Note: Intervals shown are approximate and may vary based on the specific flow media, temperature, pressure and age/condition of the valve.  The intervals can best be determined by experience and can be lengthened or shortened according to each individual situation.

If you apply heat in the winter to unthaw the frozen valve, you MUST replace the plug valve sealant.