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Gunnebo Safety Hooks


Gunnebo Safety Hooks are safe and easy to use and Available for Purchase on NDS’s Online Store.

Here are some of the standard safety hooks we stock:  BKL-8, BKLK-8, BKL-15, BKLK-15, BKL-30, BKLK-30, BKL-45, BKLK-45, BKL7/8-8, BKL7/8-10, BKL10-8, BKL10-10, BKL13-8, BKL13-10, BKL16-8, AND BKL16-10.  Please note the BKLK models have a ball bearing and the BKL models have a bronze bushing. 


click here for gunnebo safety hooks and johnson snatch blocks pages 23, 25-26