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BB Series Eastern Hammers

BB-Series Hammers

If you’re looking for a winning drill hammer you’ve come to the right manufacturer. Reliability and speed have come together under one roof with EDM’s ‘BB’ series of hammers making them winners for drillers! These are the drilling hammers that you in the industry have been waiting for. You’ll love the way these tools blast through your toughest rock. They are without a doubt some of the finest production hammers ever built. The performance of these hammers is unparalleled in today’s market.​

There are four hammers in the ‘BB’ series. The BB5 is a 5″ hammer with a QL5 shank and 12 spline chuck. The BB6 is a 6″ hammer with a QL6 shank, with a 12 spline chuck, available in both standard OD and heavy duty. The BB8 has a QL8 shank with a 16 spline chuck. And finally, the BB12 has a QL120 shank with a 16 spline chuck.  All four hammers have thread designs for easy joint breaking, valveless porting, with no plastic in this tool and a proven piston design. These hammers run at a higher frequency for faster drilling.  They are smooth operators in the field and very cost effective when an overhaul is needed.